Our Testimonials

JVS Enterprises

"We partenered with Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd as there unique products and technologies enable us to lead in the market."

Mr. Jitendra Tiwari

C&F, Bhopal, M.P.

Jubliant Technologies

It has always been our mantra to excel in whatever we do. Doing business in the field of energy conservation products and increasing the green footprint on the planet at the same time makes us feel that we are contributing to the eco-conservation of the planet. This was important ot us as a business. With the support of Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd. we are doing just that."

Mr. Dharmpal Singh

C&F, Bangalore, Karnataka

Sneh Impex

"We at Sneh Impex have collaborated with Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd in Energy rejuvenation and fire safety. We are happy to have made a difference to our environment while sustaining customer satisfaction and business targets."

Mr. Saket Tibrewal

C&F, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vaps Infratel

"Business success stands on solid pillars of support services, training and a sound sales strategy. That is what E&F has provided to expand new business."

Sweta Tusnial/Shekhar Tusnial

C&F, Kolkata, West Bengal