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Energy And Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd uses a very unique technology that brings great benefits to all sorts of lead-acid batteries in the market. This technology allows the recovery of the lost potential of any lead-acid battery of any brand, make, application, state-of-charge, level of sulphation, age, size, and price. Our technology for battery improvement can do this in a very quick, safe, and effective manner following scientific methods and procedures regarding the maintenance, handling, recharging, and electrochemistry of lead-acid batteries.

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Our Technology Helps In

● Restoration of any lead-acid battery at the end of its useful life
● Recovery of almost full potential of batteries by de-sulphation
● Routine maintenance to get optimum performance of batteries
● Prevention of the loss of back uptime of any lead-acid battery


Huge Cost Saving

We are the only company having experience and unique expertise in rejuvenating more than 1 lac batteries of various private and public sector companies since 2014. We have more than 150 service centers PAN INDIA to give you seamless service experience at all your establishments.

Do a huge cost saving for your organization and be a valuable part in saving the environment by using our Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) to increase the serviceable life of all your batteries. The EBEP rejuvenation process will bring back to life the so-called dead batteries, which is actually sulfated and will also yield many benefits.


Battery Enhancement

● It will enhance the useful life of your batteries by (minimum) one year.
● Guaranteed to cut expenditure in replacement batteries.
● Will recover lost capacity or back up time.
● Recover low internal resistance of each cell.
● Reduces the amount of charge current required to keep them at full capacity.
● Reduces the rate of water loss per cell.
● Restores plate potentials and voltage.
● Protects grid plate and paste from passivation, sulphation & corrosion.
● Recovers the soft porosity of sulfated plates.
● Reduces the risk of thermal runaway.
● Helps the environment by extending battery life.



● Get EXTENDED WARRANTY (with replacement) on all your in-use batteries post expiry of OEM warranty.
● Save huge CAPEX on buying new batteries. The extended warranty cost is approx 15% as compared to the cost of a new battery.
● Reduce OPEX on running generator by enhancing the back-up capacity of old batteries
● Screening all Battery in-use, and help Defect validation for Warranty claim from OEM.
● Save the environment by extending the life of old batteries as scrapping of Lead Acid batteries cause hazardous pollution


Battery Rejuvenation

To showcase our technology and its benefits, we would like to demonstrate a proof of concept by rejuvenating some of your existing batteries which have reached their end of the life cycle. As a goodwill gesture, we will be giving this proof of concept by reviving your batteries free of cost.

Get in touch with Energy and Fire and give a new life to your old batteries.


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