Battery Life Enhancement Services
ble.jpgBattery Life Enhancement Services
Battery Rejuvenation

Battery rejuvenation is the best way to give a second life to any old battery. We can rejuvenate almost all types of batteries including automobiles, inverters, ups, industrial power backups, solar power batteries, forklift batteries, telecom batteries and any other battery banks.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We undertake annual maintenance contracts of batteries to enhance their life and performance. The battery life enhancer and rejuvenation procedure comes with many advantages. The top most among which is the cost factor that is almost negligible when you compare it to buying a new battery in replacement. It is actually a proven way of restoring the lost capacity of any battery.

Extended Warranty

We offer extended warranty on any type, application or brand of lead acid batteries. We commit to either revive, repair the batteries during extended warranty period. In case revival or repair is not possible then we will replace the faulty battery with a working battery of same type, capacity and ageing.

Batteries on Rent

We provide batteries on rent at a very economical cost. Rent a battery instead of buying a new one. If your battery performance degrades or any other defect is found, we will replace such battery on just a call. Maintenance of your rented batteries is also our responsibility.