Battery Rejuvenation Kit

Battery Recharging

A dead battery is always a major issue for anyone who is in a hurry. If you have been using heating on a stop or listening to music for numerous hours, you should not be surprised if you have a dead battery.

The situation isn’t the same with normal car use. If your car often refuses to start, you have reasons for concern.

There can be numerous causes of it. Be aware that the car’s energy balance should be stable, whereas the alternator is meant to produce precisely the amount of power that you use. But it only takes a slight failure, which you may be unaware of, to disturb the balance. Sometimes a similar battery in the same model may operate faultlessly in one unit even for numerous years, whereas in another it shows the first signs of wear and error just after a few months.

It may be triggered by a slight defect, e.g. a rusty ground cable of the engine, an ineffective alternator, or car misuse. When you cover short distances within the city limits, you frequently get stuck in traffic jams and use heating or other power-hungry features a lot. In these circumstances, the battery won’t be able to charge fully.

What happens in the battery during charging?

During battery usage, the number of sulphuric acid molecules in the electrolyte rises, which grows its density. Lead sulfate converts into the metallic lead, which deposits on the negative plate, and lead dioxide, which deposits on the positive plate. As charging proceeds, an electromotive force fosters between the heteronymous plates until the value in the range from 2.6 to 2.85 V per cell is reached. 

Battery rejuvenation is the best way by which one can give a new life to any old industrial battery. You can regenerate almost all types of batteries including automobiles, inverters, UPS, industrial power backups, solar power batteries, forklift batteries, airline batteries, and other battery banks.


The battery life enhancer and rejuvenation procedure have many advantages. The highest among which is the cost factor that is trivial when you compare it to buying a new replacement battery. It is truly a proven way of reconditioning the lost capacity of a battery. The procedure chiefly focuses on decreasing the heavy Sulphation, which lead to degraded performance of a battery. The battery life enhancement products at Energy & Fire are unique and suitable for all for batteries.