Things You Can Do to Fire Safe your Kitchen

Things You Can Do to Fire Safe your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most engaged and sensitive place anywhere. It has been recorded that almost 65% of the residential fire accidents happens due to kitchen fire.

It is the best practice to install fire extinguishers in kitchen area to ensure fire safety. Automatic Fire Extinguisher is new range of fire safety product that ensures fire safety even in your absence as it extinguishes the fire automatically whenever comes in contact with fire. Know more about Automatic Fire Extinguishers.


 Let’s look at some of the kitchen fire safety tips one can follow to keep the kitchen safe from fire:
  • Don’t leave your food unattended in kitchen. One should stay alert while cooking, baking, or frying food.
  •   Avoid wearing loose clothes and dangling sleeves during cooking. It is advised to wear tight fitting clothes.
  •   Try to keep the kids away from cooking zone.
  •   Use to clean kitchen extractors as it may catch fire.
  •   Keep checking for possible gas leakage in the kitchen.
  •   Install smoke alarms near your kitchen area. Also, don’t forget to keep checking the battery of smoke detectors.
  •   Turn off all stoves, oven, and other electric appliances when you leave your kitchen.
  •   Avoid overloading electric circuits and outlets.
  •   Keep inflammable items away from stove, toasters and hot plates.
  •   Be prepared your fire escape plan in case of fire.
  •   If you are using Microwave, avoid cooking food in metal containers as it may cause fire.

.Portable fire extinguishers are very useful in case of fire and one with know-how of operating a fire extinguisher can easily take a charge in case of fire. Learn here operating a portable fire extinguisher.

Kitchen fire is one of the major causes of household destruction. In case of fire, don’t forget to follow the STOP, DROLL, ROLL Principal. Also, call to nearby fire department to control the fire completely. 

Make sure you are prepared with your fire safety checklist.

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