Fire Safety Checklist for Everyone by Energy and Fire

Fire Safety Checklist for Everyone by Energy and Fire

Fire is one of the most disastrous things that can happen anywhere any point of time. A small fire can take no longer to convert into huge hazards. Thus, everyone should be prepared for any such circumstances and learn about fire safety measures that can be adopted in such conditions. Performing routine inspections for ensuring fire safety is very important for every residential or commercial place.

Your fire safety checklist should include:
  • Fire escape plan with the nearby people.
  • A well-planned central meeting place that is completely safe outside the home.
  • Install smoke detectors on every level of the home and outside and test them once in a month.
  • Teach children to STOP, DROP (cover the face), and ROLL in case clothes catch fire.
  • Keep all lighters, matches, and chemicals (inflammable things) in a secure place. This includes all household cleaning agents as well.
  • Don’t overload electric circuits (powering too many devices). Make use of childproof plugs at home. Regular maintenance of electricity system is also required.
  • In the winter season, keep portable heaters at least 3 feet away from anything that can catch fire.
  • Make a practice to unplug the appliances (small or big) when not in use. This will save electricity as well.
  • Install fire extinguishers in at least most sensitive areas like kitchen, garage, and basement and on every level of your home. Learn operating portable fire extinguisher here.
  • Adapt good cooking habits to keep your kitchen safe from any fire accident. You can do this by following few things:
  •             o Never leave cooking unattended.

                o Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes while cooking.
                o Keep away towels and other combustible things from the cooking area.
It is even best practice to install Automatic Fire Extinguisher at some places where there is a high probability of fire like the kitchen. It has been recorded that almost 65% of the residential fire accidents happen due to the kitchen fire. 

Automatic Fire Extinguisher is the best innovation in the line of fire safety equipment that can really save life or property even in your absence. They give you 24 hours protection against fire as they get activated automatically in case of fire. They are self-contained and do not need any kind of external man-power to operate. 

The above fire safety checklist is required to be fulfilled in order to ensure the safety of life or property. Using above checklist as a guide once can cut down the risks associated with fire accidents.

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