Go for Battery Rejuvenation instead of Recycling or Disposal with Energy and Fire

By: Admin | 2020-08-20

Go for Battery Rejuvenation instead of Recycling or Disposal with Energy and Fire

Go for Battery Rejuvenation instead of Recycling or Disposal with Energy and Fire

In India, more than 30 million Lead Acid Batteries are consumed every year. With the current status of the main power grid, this demand is increasing annually, which means that more and more batteries have to be disposed of. Recycling of batteries requires expensive and environmentally hazardous processes in order to decompose the battery into raw elements such as lead and poly-propylene for re-use by the battery manufacturers.

However, the rejuvenation of batteries is far cheaper and takes less time and effort than recycling. Rejuvenation of Lead Acid Batteries is also an eco-friendly alternative to recycling or disposal. The main focus of Energy and Fire is to achieve or extend the intended life-span of batteries and solve a massive eco-problem in the process.

Energy And Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd use a very unique technology that allows the recovery of the lost potential of any lead-acid battery in a very quick, safe, and effective manner. Our Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) technology helps in the Restoration of any lead-acid battery at the end of its useful life. We offer recovery of almost full potential of batteries by de-sulphation and offer routine maintenance to get optimum performance of batteries. EBEP technology prevents the loss of back uptime of any lead-acid battery and increases the serviceable life of all your batteries.

Battery life improvement isn't a daily deal that anybody can deliver. It's a procedure that needs expertise, proper knowledge, and acquaintance. We are the only company having experience and unique expertise in rejuvenating more than 1 lac batteries of various private and public sector companies since 2014. We have more than 150 service centers PAN INDIA to give you seamless service experience at all your establishments.

To showcase our technology and its benefits, we would like to demonstrate As a goodwill gesture we will be giving this proof of concept by reviving your batteries free of cost.

Energy and fire encourage battery life enhancement by offering a proof of concept by rejuvenating some of your existing batteries which have reached their end of the life cycle through a free demonstration at your place. So, why buy new highly-priced batteries? It's better to bid a second chance to your old battery. Keep your money in your hand without spending on a new battery.

Are you still thinking ?? Just connect at this moment and obtain the replacement life for your old batteries with Energy and Fire. Give us a call for a free demo.

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