Be the Part of a Unique Franchise Model with Energy and Fire

By: Admin | 2020-08-12

Be the Part of a Unique Franchise Model with Energy and Fire

Be the Part of a Unique Franchise Model with Energy and Fire

Starting a new venture is always a blind task for anyone, who doesn't have a clear vision about the future for the business. Not every individual has the talent to be productive in all aspects of maintaining an effective business. This is the point, where experience and stronghold on the business of the franchisors becomes an important factor.

A franchise business is a commercial chain that licenses rights to a branded product or service to others. Every franchise relationship consists of two key players: the franchisor, and the franchisee.

Advantages of buying a franchise

A Proven Business Model

An Established Brand

A Nation-Wide Marketing Network

Business Training

Increased Purchasing Power

Easier Access to Capital

There are many low-cost franchise opportunities in India, depending upon your area of interest. Energy and Fire provide you the Best Franchise Opportunity in India and is among India's leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-tier Battery Life Enhancement Products/ Services globally. 

Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd provides a unique Franchise model which is exclusive, currently has no competition and is the best franchise business with high return. Our unique EBEP technology is an electrochemical process by which we can extend the life of lead-acid batteries of any age, type, capacity, and can also double their back-up time at a very nominal cost. We make old lead-acid batteries work like new ones, at a very economical cost. Using this technology, old/used batteries that have stopped working due to the accumulation of sulfur on the lead plates can be revived without breaking the battery. This technology not only saves a lot of cost of replacing old batteries with new but also saves the environment from the most hazardous pollution caused by scrapping old lead-acid batteries.

The strength of our Franchise model is that it is a unique and innovative low investment franchise business with maximum profit. Every sector which uses lead-acid batteries wants extended life for their batteries so that they can save Capex on buying new batteries. We are expanding our franchise network as the demand for Battery rejuvenation services is growing day by day. With our unique and innovative business proposal with which you can easily earn Rs1 lac plus every month with an investment of Rs 7 lacs only. 

All these advantages of doing Franchise business with us make you think why to waste time and money when you can get the maximum return on your investment and that too with the lowest risk. Start the franchise business with Energy and Fire and become a part of,70,000 CR lead-acid battery industry. Join a hand today to achieve a better outcome tomorrow. We will empower our franchisee partner with complete know-how and train them technically and commercially to capture this growing demand for Battery Services Clinics.

Reach us to know more about successful business opportunities that can yield maximum profits with really very low investment and running costs.

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