Give an extended battery life to your UPS battery with Energy and Fire

By: Admin | 2020-08-04

Give an extended battery life to your UPS battery with Energy and Fire

Give an extended battery life to your UPS battery with Energy and Fire

What if we get a second life? We will be super excited right. Then why don't you think about giving a second life to your old batteries? Why don't batteries get a second life? We all need an uninterrupted power supply for a comfortable living. For that, we need an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, which is backup power for us. The battery life of the UPS system can also go down but we have an excellent solution for that - Battery Rejuvenation.

Energy And Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd uses a very unique technology that brings great benefits to all sorts of batteries in the market. This technology allows the recovery of the lost potential of any battery of any brand, make, application, state-of-charge, level of sulphation, age, size, and price. Our technology for battery improvement can do this in a very quick, safe, and effective manner following scientific methods and procedures regarding the maintenance, handling, recharging, and electrochemistry of batteries.

Still, people do not have that much awareness of the battery revival technology and thus they end up buying a new battery which is not required. Energy and fire Tech Pvt. Ltd. have their proper protocols to make the UPS battery rejuvenation process safe.

What happens if you own a UPS but your battery that is about to die?

Most of the people don't know much about the benefits of the Battery rejuvenation. Few UPS batteries manufacturers also offer replacement of batteries and there are often options for third party replacement. Instead of swapping the battery in your UPS, you can simply approach India's Best battery rejuvenation experts for reviving your dead batteries and bring them back to life. Energy and Fire have the best technical team for rejuvenating any kind of battery. We provide excellent services for reviving industrial batteries, car batteries, and other lead-acid batteries. 

If you have an old UPS battery that is about to die, then you can get a free battery health checkup with us. Our technology will not only revive the back-up power of the old/used batteries but will also help your organization financially by delaying the purchase of new batteries for 1-2 years. This will not only help to save the cost spent on the batteries but will also help to save the environment.

The battery rejuvenation method will make you use the same battery after recharging and thus you need not purchase a new battery every time. It not only saves a lot of money but also reduces the dumping of waste and dead batteries. Other benefits associated with Battery Rejuvenation with Energy and Fire are:

  • It will enhance the useful life of your batteries by (minimum) one year.
  • Guaranteed to cut expenditure in replacement batteries.
  • Recovered lost capacity or back up time.
  • Helps the environment by extending battery life.

So when we have an easy cost-saving process of battery rejuvenation, why spend a lot of money on buying a new battery every time?  Save upto 85 % on buying a new battery, Get Extended Warranty on your old Batteries with Comprehensive AMC. Enhance your Battery life, Save Cost on New Battery purchase, Increase Battery Back-up Time. Get your UPS battery rejuvenated with Energy and Fire and give an extended battery life to your UPS battery. Contact today!

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