Forklift Batteries- Know the difference between Repair and Replacement

By: Admin | 2020-07-30

Forklift Batteries- Know the difference between Repair and Replacement

Forklift Batteries- Know the difference between Repair and Replacement

Most of the Companies invest millions of money each year on the purchasing of motive power sources, such as forklifts, to keep their businesses running smoothly. There are a few major factors that impact the life of the battery and its performance. These factors include temperature/weather - heat and cold, charging practices, specific gravity, workload, and how well it is maintained.

This issue is a bit trickier than it looks. There is a range of possible issues, and possible added costs, in deciding what to do. Let's have a look at the difference between repairing and replacing forklift batteries so you can work out what's right for you.

Forklift Battery Repairs

Forklift battery repairs may involve a range of problems. Older batteries may have multiple issues whereas large batteries often incur more complicated and expensive problems. Obviously, the cost is a factor in deciding whether to repair or replace. Even with good prices, you may have to blink a few times if the repairs are likely to cost you a lot of money. Is it worth it?

In many cases, the cost of repairs will be worth the money. A good battery can be repaired back to excellent condition, good as new. That's not quite the end of the story about forklift battery repairs, though.

Older forklifts typically have older batteries. It's not at all unusual for an old forklift to find parts and components difficult to source, including their batteries. Forklift battery specialists can source batteries of all kinds, so you might be able to replace the faulty battery. If you can't repair it, you might have to replace the forklift, not the battery. That's the sort of unexpected cost most businesses could do without.

Forklift Battery Replacements

Forklift battery replacement is as straightforward as it sounds - you simply replace the battery. That's not necessarily the end of the possible problems, though. What if the replacement battery is fine but there are still power issues with the forklift? What if there are transmission issues that were caused by system faults, not the battery?

Forklift battery power systems can be big problems, too. The old battery may have had issues but it may not have been the sole cause of power problems. The power systems may be more of a problem than the original battery issues.

You can see why it's a good idea to consider both repair and replacement options - you really do have to cover all the angles. The old battery, if fixable, is the right battery for that forklift. The cost of replacement is avoided and your repaired battery will be fine.

The best practice approach to these issues is to get some expert guidance on your choices. Your forklift battery specialists will instantly find any power issues and be able to suggest a solution to get your forklift back in order. Downtime costs money, too, so this is the way to get things moving to a solution as soon as possible. Not only are you saving money and being more efficient with your business, but you're also going green and saving the environment by throwing away fewer batteries. Save your hard-earned money along with saving the money.

To showcase our technology and its benefits, we would like to demonstrate a proof of concept by rejuvenating some of your existing Forklift batteries which have reached their end of the life cycle. As a goodwill gesture, we will be giving this proof of concept by reviving your batteries free of cost.

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