Battery Rejuvenation: How it works and saves your money

By: Admin | 2020-07-22

Battery Rejuvenation: How it works and saves your money

Battery Rejuvenation: How it works and saves your money

Battery reconditioning is the best way by which one can give a second life to any old industrial battery. Almost all types of batteries can be rejuvenated that includes automobiles batteries, inverter batteries, ups, industrial power backups, solar power batteries, forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, and many more.

Energy and Fire has a complete solution with an improved and cost-effective battery revival technology for all types of batteries. Energy And Fire Tech India Pvt Ltd uses a very unique technology that brings great benefits to all sorts of lead-acid batteries in the market. This technology allows the recovery of the lost potential of any lead-acid battery of any brand, make, application, state-of-charge, level of sulphation, age, size, and price. We are focused on reducing carbon footprint and limit the impact on the environment by prolonging the useful life span of the BATTERIES.

We are addressing a trend that's happening across several different industries that sees the replacement of batteries as they reach the top of their lifespan.

One of the most causes of the degeneration of the batteries is sulfation, the buildup of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals that can't be loosened with a traditional charger. Lead sulfate becomes attached to the lead plates as sulfate crystals and acts as an insulating layer. As a result, fewer and fewer of the lead plates inherit contact with the battery acid, resulting in a decreased amount of electricity that's converted into energy, meaning that the battery unit must be charged more frequently, ultimately leading to aging that reduces battery capacity and efficiency, and eventually reducing the general battery lifespan.

When a battery seemingly reaches the top of its usable life, there are two options: the foremost common option is to exchange it by purchasing a new battery, which is expensive, isn't environmentally friendly, and hence usually not the good option. One can actually rejuvenate the battery using battery rejuvenation technology, with which it's possible to reconvert the lead sulfate crystals into active material, giving the battery a second lease of life by restoring its capacity to the first level. 

The world is facing a pandemic these days and thus everyone wants to save money in every possible way. So, why can't it be started by saving the cost of batteries? Battery Rejuvenation is not just cheaper and more affordable as compared to buying a new battery, also it is eco-friendly. You can save the cost of buying a new battery by getting it rejuvenated with Energy and Fire in an eco-friendly way. In short, it's a win-win option - Pocket friendly and Environment-friendly both.

Our technology helps in the Restoration of any lead-acid battery at the end of its useful life. It ensures the recovery of almost the full potential of batteries by de-sulphation. It ensures the prevention of the loss of back uptime of any lead-acid battery. Battery Rejuvenation increases battery life and gains substantially more working hours. "Unfortunately, this is often not a miracle cure, but what we will guarantee is that by means of our Battery Rejuvenation process, we will completely disulfate batteries and will increase the battery life in a very economical and eco-friendly way. With Energy and Fire's internationally acclaimed, unique, and highly specialized technology of reviving existing batteries, your battery not only completes its full life cycle but works optimally beyond its specified life 

So, next time whenever you think about a battery replacement or experience even the tiniest mechanical snag, allow us to provide it a whole functional makeover with our technical proficiency. Get in-tuned with us and shield your new battery against any damage and enhance its efficiency and life manifold. And while doing this, take an eco-friendly step with us to make optimum use of battery resources and operate harmoniously within the ecosystem.

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