Battery Rejuvenation and its Importance

By: Admin | 2020-05-27

Battery Rejuvenation and its Importance

Battery Rejuvenation and its Importance

Revive your old and used batteries with the process of battery rejuvenation. The most reason for the capacity loss and battery malfunctioning is Sulfation of lead-acid batteries. With our battery rejuvenation technology, you'll now offer a second life to your batteries.


What does Battery rejuvenation means and why is it useful?

Lead-acid batteries mainly suffer battery sulfation. This phenomenon occurs when the battery is totally discharged but returns to normal once you recharge the battery. However, natural processes aren't 100% efficient. Sulfate parts attach to the plates, affecting the entire capacity of the battery. More energy is required to charge and therefore the temperature of the battery rises, which reduces battery life. this is often a result of the charging technology not being entirely efficient.

A Battery Rejuvenation treatment or subsequent procedure may recover or lengthen the battery life. Previous analysis provides information about the status of the battery and enables us to diagnose if it's possible to recover the battery. This service will allow the battery to last longer, which can be financially beneficial.


How Does battery rejuvenation work?

  •      When the capacity of A battery is reduced, it's probably because of the sulfate crystals that have gradually built abreast of the electrodes. Lead sulfate increases the interior resistance and reduces the electrolyte density. the method of sulfation build-up is unavoidable. Worse yet, after 3-4 years, the method substantially accelerates (hence the rapid fall of your battery's productivity). If your battery suffers from this sort of sulfation, our battery regenerator is going to be very effective. If you service your battery once a year with our battery rejuvenation, battery sulphation will never stand a chance!
  •          Prior to the battery desulfation process, it's vital to form sure that the battery, the battery connections, and the battery box are freed from defects. We also got to confirm that the battery surface is neutralised (AQ Steam) in order that sulphation build-up on the connectors doesn't affect the battery performance. An untreated battery surface may cause leak currents which can have a negative effect on battery life. When all connections are checked and therefore the surface has been treated, we will continue with the rejuvenation process itself.
  •        Once the battery rejuvenation process is finished, the condition of the battery is reanalysed. The improvements are processed and every one cells are checked, to ascertain if any of them need replacing.

When do you have to rejuvenate your battery?

Battery rejuvenation is often done at any time. Normally it's realised when the battery has lost 30-40% of its capacity. Then it's usually possible to completely recover it. Although in some cases the complete capacity can't be achieved, these recoveries often show incredible results. Besides the sulfation, batteries are often damaged because of the natural aging process.


Is there a benefit in rejuvenating a "young" battery?

Yes. Battery desulfation can improve batteries that are between 1-2 years old, as sulfation occurs from the instant A battery is formed. Batteries that have skilled the regeneration process hold and deliver their capacity constant at a 90-100% level, over a period of 8-10 years.


How to start A battery rejuvenation business

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