Hacked By White System./404

Hacked By White System./404

Fire is one of those disasters which can happen anywhere at any time, it is hard to predict and even harder to control. Multiple such incidents are reported time to time where homes, buildings, and warehouses cached fire and led to the loss of life and property. But all this can easily be prevented by taking proper precautions and being prepared.

A fire extinguisher is one the most commonly known fire safety equipment and is widely kept in homes, offices and public places as a precautionary step. Oxygen is the most important component which works as a primary fuel for fire and fire extinguishers perform by blocking this supply of oxygen to kill the fire.

However, fire extinguishers need to be operated by a person and they are only capable of extinguishing a small fire if caught early hence, they are practically useless in absence of any person and that is the time when even a small spark can develop into a big fire causing loss of life and property.

That is why automatic fire extinguishers were developed; these systems automatically detect fire in its initial phases and automatically release its fire suppressing agent and prevent a fire from becoming disastrous.

These extinguishers are provided by Energy and Fire (E&F) which is a Gurgaon based company which is active in almost all states across India.  

Fire 1on1's Automatic and Portable Fire Fighter is one of the best automatic fire extinguishers provided by Energy and Fire (E&F). It is available in 1kg and 2kgs variants which use Pyrotechnics (PESO Licensed) technology. These 1kg and 2kg fire extinguishers can cover an area of 6ft x 6ft and 10ft x 10ft respectively. 

Its application ranges from Fire Class A, B, and C which includes all type of solid, liquid and gaseous inflammable substances. A product like this is a must for offices and workplaces which deal with objects which can easily catch fire.

Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure your homes and offices are always protected from fire, and such product can save you from a big loss in cases of an unfortunate incident of a fire breaking out. Thankfully such products exist in our modern world which can take care of fire automatically even in our absence.

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